Personalized Varilux Lenses

Personalized lenses for superior visual performance

With Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit you can offer superior visual performance, personalized for each of your patients.

Optimized for both the wearer’s prescription and position of wear, this latest innovative design unlocks new potential and raises Varilux Physio Enhanced performance, for the sharpest vision in any light condition and unmatched comfort in the near zone.

Your patient's visual performance is affected by changing positions of wear.  This results in aberrations that affect visual performance.  Lens personalization assures optimal vision for each patient - in each lens design.

For your single vision patients who demand a personalized lens solution, ask about the Essilor Fit Single Vision lenses.

Measuring for Personalization

ECPs can measure for these products by using any digital or manual patient measurement device.  Essilor recommends the Visioffice® System for its accuracy and ease of use.  If no digital measuring device is available, we recommend using the Varilux® Patient Measuring Tool for manual measurements.

Availability: For Progressive and Single Vision wearers

Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit is available in a full range of materials, and is a 100% digitally surfaced DualOptix product.

Essilor Fit Single Vision is available in a full range of materials, and is 100% digitally surfaced.

Visit the Literature page for more information on the Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit and Essilor Fit lenses.

To view the Training Videos for the Varilux Manual Measuring Device click here.