Varilux Sport


The only progressive lens designed specifically for outdoor activities.

With an enlarged distance vision zone and enhanced dynamic vision (when you move or the surroundings move), Varilux Sport lenses give presbyopes optimized visual performance for sports and other outdoor activities.

A range of lenses for a range of activities

Varilux Sport lenses are available in a number of of sport-specific colors and are optimized for different activities.




Recommended for biking, fishing, skating

  • 30% light transmission
  • Eliminates surface glare from roads and water
  • Sharpens vision, especially in low light
  • Category 2



Recommended for aquatic sports, driving, running, walking

  • 12% light transmission
  • Eliminates glare and significantly improves contrast in bright conditions
  • Protects from harsh conditions
  • Category 3

Fixed Tint



Recommended for shooting, hunting, archery, skiing

  • 37% light transmission
  • Eliminates diffused light, optimizing contrast for extremely sharp vision
  • Minimizes loss of depth perception
  • Category 1

Santa Ana


Recommended for tennis, golf, baseball, softball

  • 24% light transmission
  • Eliminates diffused light, especially on green surfaces
  • Category 2


Orange brown

Recommended for hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking

  • 12% light transmission
  • Maintains good color perception to minimize visual fatigue
  • Maintains a natural perception of surroundings
  • Category 3


Dark brown

Not recommended while driving

Recommended for climbing, skiing, high-altitude activities

  • 5% light transmission
  • Drastically cuts light intensity
  • Keeps vision comfortable in extreme environments
  • Category 4