Varilux Physio Enhanced


Give patients the sharpest vision in any light - even at night.

Varilux Physio Enhanced lenses help you to provide patients with the sharpest vision at any distance and in any light condition especially low-light.

Safer, more confident night driving

Eyecare professionals know that vision during night driving is a primary concern of many presbyopic patients. Varilux Physio Enhanced maintains 93% of its superior daytime sharpness in low-light conditions. No progressive addition lens design ever created is better suited to driving in low-light conditions.

Reduced eye strain in low-light conditions

Many patients struggle with their vision in everyday low-light activities like:

  • reading 
  • watching television 
  • using a computer

Varilux Physio Enhanced reduces strain on eyes and increases sharpness when patients engage in these low-light activities.

Reduced swim and easy adaptation

Like all Varilux® lens designs, Varilux Physio Enhanced:

  • Minimizes the swim effect that many PAL wearers complain of
  • Enables quick, painless adaptation from single-vision, bi/trifocals, or competitive PALs 
  • Offers greater comfort for patients, and less returns and non-adapts for your practice

Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ personalization offers additional benefits

Additional benefits of Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ lenses:

  • Offer a personalized lens to every patient 
  • Design is optimized for each Rx and position of wear for optimal performance 
  • Improved ease of transitions between zones for more natural vision