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Eyecode™ lenses take individualized vision to a new level

Eyecode lenses are revolutionary new lenses based on real, dynamic 3D measurements of the eye, the frame, and visual behavior of the wearer.

These lenses are the only lenses that use the wearer’s real eye rotation center and natural head posture data to perfectly calculate the design for each eye, of every wearer.  This provides the best visual quality in each gaze direction, and the highest level of individualization on the market today.

3 levels of personalization

1. Eye Data
The Eye Rotation Center (ERC) is a critical parameter that is unique to each person-and to each eye.  A study of 14,000 wearers revealed wide dispersions in ERC values and that the position of the ERC can vary by more than 30% by ametropia.  Further study found that 85% of wearers had different ERC measurements in each eye.

2. Frame Data
The wearer’s visual performance is affected by changing positions of wear that result in peripheral aberrations.  Incorporating frame dimensions is critical to guaranteeing precise vision.  Eyecode lenses are optimized to account for how the lenses will be positioned in front of the wearer’s eye. 

3. Behavioral Data
Natural Head Posture is unique to every wearer and can vary widely, impacting lens performance.   Combining the real 3D position of the ERC and the Natural Head Posture provides the best visual quality in each gaze direction.

How to measure for Eyecode lenses?

The Visioffice® system is required to take the eyecode lens measurements. 

What are wearers saying?

“From the moment I put the Varilux Physio Enhanced eyecode lenses on, the difference was astounding. The clarity at every angle was crystal clear. There is no distortion, blurred colors or rounding.

This is amazing technology and from the eye glass wearing public…thank God someone finally figured out how to do this and THANK YOU!"   B.W., Dallas, Texas

Eyecode lens individualization is also available for Ipseo IV eyecode and the Essilor eyecode Single Vision lens.