New Varilux Comfort


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Designed for the Way We See Today

Varilux Comfort® has always been the gold standard of progressive lenses, satisfying both wearers and eye care professionals for years. But recently, Essilor R&D scientists discovered new wearer behaviors based on the increased use of modern devices for reading and working. The result—a new design.

New Varilux Comfort uses the latest technology to meet these new visual demands while maintaining Varilux Comfort’s high standards of patient satisfaction and ease of fitting.

Which patients benefit from New Varilux Comfort lenses?

New Varilux Comfort lenses are ideal for:

  • Current satisfied Varilux Comfort wearers.
  • Patients who are switching from competitive PALs.

People Prefer New Varilux Comfort Lenses 3:1 Over Varilux Comfort

Study results show that New Varilux Comfort provides wearers with more ease of vision than ever before as they go about their various daily activities.  Research also shows that the updated design allows for easy transitions from one field of vision to another.

100% of Varilux Comfort patients easily adapted to New Varilux Comfort!