Varilux Physio DRx™ and Varilux Physio Short DRx™ Lenses

Introducing Varilux DRx™ lenses — the only back side digital lenses offering superior performance and consistent precision.

Design drives performance

Design is everything when it comes to progressive addition lenses (PALs). Unlike other manufacturers’ "free form” or “full back side” lenses, only Varilux DRx lenses use a unique three-step process for superior back side digital lenses.

1. Design: Superior Varilux® designs specifically created for back side digital lenses

  • Only Varilux uses the Live Optics design process, which integrates the results of real-wearer testing at each stage of lens design 
  • Other manufacturers design lenses using a computer simulation without real wearer testing 
  • The Live Optics process creates a lens design that more accurately complements the human eye

2. Lens: High quality Essilor semi-finished single vision (SFSV) lenses

  • Only Varilux requires specific Essilor SFSV lenses – knowing the exact curvature of the lens allows the design to be applied accurately every time
  • Competitive brands place limited or no restrictions on SFSV lenses used to make their products, compromising the integrity of the design
  • Using a dedicated SFSV lens produces consistent precision in the finished product

3.  Process: Proprietary Essilor Digital Surfacing Process Control (DSPC)
      ensures consistency and quality

  • Only Varilux mandates every certified laboratory tests and calibrates its digital processes daily
  • Even digital surfacing can be imprecise without the proper process controls
  • DSPC delivers Varilux performance and quality on every Varilux DRx lens


Varilux Physio DRx™

  • Clearer, sharper vision at every distance

Varilux Physio Short DRx™

  • Sharpest, most natural vision available in 14mm-17mm