Varilux Physio Lenses

Varilux visual performance specifically designed for small frames.

Style & performance

Did you know that when you select the small, stylish frames you want, you might not be able to get the lens design you need for optimal vision?

With Varilux® Ellipse® lenses, you do not have to sacrifice great visual performance because you prefer todays smaller, stylish frames. Varilux Ellipse lenses are designed specifically for small frames.

Small frames, big benefits

Varilux Ellipse lenses give you:

  • The widest distance vision of any comparable lens.
  • Freedom to choose the frames you want.
  • Comfortable near vision.
  • A design optimized for natural head and eye movement.

Proven popularity

In a few short years, Varilux Ellipse lenses have quickly become the worlds best-selling premium progressive lenses for small frames.