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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find many answers to common questions about Varilux® lenses in our FAQs. If you can't find the answer you need, complete the form below and we'll be happy to assist.

  • How do I know that I have genuine Varilux lenses?

    Varilux lenses are supplied from the manufacturing laboratory with a Varilux Certificate of Authenticity (COA) card. If you do not receive a COA card with your Varilux lenses, please consult your Eyecare Professional.

    Which Varilux lenses are right for me?

    Each patient's prescription and lens needs should be evaluated in person with an Eyecare Professional for appropriate lens recommendations and fittings to be made.

    What is the warranty on my Varilux lenses?

    Warranties on Varilux lenses may vary among Eyecare Professionals. It is important to understand warranties available to you from the Eyecare Professional you plan to purchase your lenses from. Before you purchase your lenses, be sure to ask about the specifics of warranty coverage.

    Will I be limited in my frame selection?

    No, Varilux lenses can fit virtually any frame size and shape. Your Eyecare Provider will assist you with selecting an appropriate frame for your prescription and fitting needs.

    How can I obtain more information about Varilux lenses?

    Our helpful guide for talking to your Eyecare Professional is available to print, email or text so you can easily take it along to your appointment to help start the conversation. Your Eyecare Professional is an excellent source of information about Varilux lenses and their specific applications to your individual prescription and lifestyle. If you have not done so within the last year, Essilor suggests having a complete eye exam prior to ordering your new Varilux lenses.

    Are there any special guidelines for taking care of Varilux lenses?

    The best way to clean your lenses is by first rinsing your lenses under warm, running water to remove any sandy/gritty debris, clean with a mild liquid dishwashing soap to remove facial oils, rinse with water and then dry with a soft cotton cloth. Finish by polishing your lenses with a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can also use a cleaning cloth for touch-up cleaning throughout the day when it is not convenient to wash the lenses. And while your lenses usually incorporate a scratch-resistant coating, you should always store your lenses in a case as a precaution. Avoid exposing your lenses to excessive heat and temperatures for long periods (like on your car's dashboard, for instance).

  • Should I expect to have an adaptation period with my Varilux lenses?

    Most people will enjoy their Varilux lenses right away, while others may take a bit longer to become completely comfortable. Let your Eyecare Professional know if your adjustment period is longer than two weeks, as a “fine-tuning” frame adjustment may be all that’s necessary.

    My vision feels different with my new Varilux lenses when I look to the side. Is this a normal part of the adaptation period?

    Yes. Progressive lenses will introduce some changes to your peripheral vision due to power changes that occur in the periphery of the lenses. You may feel an initial difference in your peripheral vision that may require some slight changes in horizontal head and eye movements. Sensitivity to this area of the lens will diminish as you become more accustomed to the lenses.

    To adjust quickly and comfortably:
    Start wearing your new glasses immediately
    Wear your new glasses continuously
    Wear glasses as close to your face as possible

    For most, this period of adaptation will only last a few hours. Some people may require several days or even two weeks before becoming completely comfortable. If you have been wearing your lenses for two weeks or longer and feel uncomfortable with your vision in any way, contact your Eyecare Professional for an evaluation.

  • Are Varilux lenses available with No-Glare treatment?

    Yes. Crizal® No-Glare treatment is available with all Varilux lenses and is the best option for a No-Glare treatment for your Varilux lenses. Crizal No-Glare treatment reduces the glare that causes eye fatigue, helping you see with more clarity. Ask your Eyecare Professional for Varilux lenses with Crizal. For more information, visit

    Do Varilux lenses come with scratch resistance and ultraviolet protection?

    Yes, these options are available. Ask your Eyecare Professional for details.

  • What are progressive lenses and how do they differ from ordinary bifocals?

    Progressive lenses allow you to see all distances clearly in a continuous field of vision with no lines. 

    Bifocal lenses provide a distinct near and far viewing area, but no intermediate area (1-2 feet away). The different viewing areas are separated by noticeable lines that can be awkward, abrupt and frustrating to the wearer.

    Why are Varilux lenses better than other progressive lenses?

    Varilux lenses are backed by extensive, groundbreaking research, technology and wearer testing. They offer natural, comfortable vision to anyone challenged by presbyopia. With over 400 million pairs sold, Varilux is the progressive lens brand most prescribed by Eyecare Professionals and trusted by millions of satisfied wearers.

    Who is a good candidate for Varilux progressive lenses?

    Anyone who has presbyopia, including current bifocal and trifocal wearers, people using over-the-counter readers, or people unhappy with their current progressive lenses.

    What is presbyopia and how do I know I have it?

    Presbyopia is an unavoidable age-related process that begins to gradually affect vision, usually after age 40. If you experience any of the situations below, you may be presbyopic, and it’s time to consult an Eyecare Professional for a comprehensive eye exam:

    • You experience blurred vision when reading up close
    • You find yourself holding reading material at arm's length
    • You have trouble seeing in dim lighting, like reading a menu in a dark restaurant
    • You experience eyestrain, tired eyes or headaches
  • How do I find an Eyecare Professional near me?

    Go to the Eyecare Professional Locator and enter your ZIP code.

    I have a strong prescription. How can I reduce the thickness and weight of my eyeglass lenses?

    Varilux lenses are available in a variety of different lens materials that will reduce both thickness and weight. Your Eyecare Professional will consider prescription, frame size and your individual lifestyle when helping you decide which lens material will be best for you.

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