Personalized Varilux Lenses


Personalized lenses for Indian progressive wearers

Indian progressive wearers have unique visual needs.  Using an in-depth understanding of specific wearer physiology, we have created a personalized lens that meets the needs of your Indian progressive patients.

Varilux Physio Enhanced India lenses are optimized for three key vision elements of Indian progressive lens wearers:

1. Eye Anatomy
Indians tend to have hyperopic eyes- resulting in shorter eye lengths.  This causes the optical axis of the eye to sweep over a narrower area of the lens.  As a result, Indian progressive lens wearers are especially sensitive to peripheral aberrations. These lenses are designed to provide softer rates of power change to reduce swim.

2. Facial Anatomy
A more pronounced face profile and nasal bridge directly impact the Indian wearers’ visual experience. Optimizing the lens design for specific wearing conditions assures optimum visual quality.  Varilux Physio Enhanced India lenses are designed specifically to meet these facial characteristics.

3. Reading Behavior
Studies have shown that Indian wearers have a tendency to hold their reading materials closer to their eyes- leading to a higher degree of eye convergence. This is counter- intuitive to what would be expected from a hyperopic wearer.  By incorporating this knowledge into the lens design, the wearer will experience easy accommodation and quick adaptation.

Availability: For Progressive wearers
Varilux Physio Enhanced India™ is available in a full range of materials, and is a 100% digitally surfaced, DualOptix™ product.

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