Research & Development


Patients Are at the Heart of Design

No manufacturer in the industry is more dedicated to advancing the science of optical lenses than Essilor.

In the last 8 years, Essilor has devoted more than $1.2 billion to research and development. The best of this R&D technology goes into Varilux lenses.

Other manufacturers trumpet their dedication to innovation, but over the last 10 years, Essilor has spent more on eye care research and development than our top competitors combined.

Unmatched dedication to wearer testing

Of course, research and development is about more than resources; it is about methodology. Like you, Varilux engineers start by listening to patients.

Some manufacturers rely on computer simulations to accurately generate progressive lens designs. Others go a step further by testing their designs on wearers.

But no company goes as far to ensure wearer satisfaction as Essilor. Varilux engineers integrate the results of wearer testing at multiple points in a process known as  Live Optics®.

Live Optics®

Essilor employs a lens design development process known as Live Optics®

1) Human Vision: Scientists explore systematically the eye-brain link by drawing on fundamental research in optics and physiology.

1b) Varilux Virtual Reality: Only Varilux adds this step, allowing many lens designs to be tested BEFORE real-world testing.

2) Computing: Physiological data is transformed in optical designs using 3D Wavefront optimization technology.

3) Prototyping: Prototype lenses are created and then measured to ensure conformity to the design.

4) Wearer Testing: Lens are tested with wearers using a certified testing protocol to validate design performance.

5) If clinical results show a need for improvement or alteration, the process begins again at Step 1. The process is repeated as often as necessary to perfect the lens design.