Research & Development

With so many brands of progressive lenses, each with their own marketing claims to superiority, it can be hard to determine which provides the best care for your patients.

As with any decision between alternate remedies, the best, most reliable basis for making that decision is objective, third-party clinical studies.

For more information on the importance of clinical trials, please click here to download an ABO-certified educational pamphlet entitled The Importance of Clinical Trials in the Design and Assessment of Progressive Addition Lenses.

Essilor is dedicated to providing proof of the performance of Varilux lens designs through independent, randomized, double-blind clinical trials comparing our lenses to lenses from other manufacturers.

Results of the following clinical trials are available for download:

Varilux Physio Enhanced Competitive Comparison Sheet

Varilux Comfort vs. Digitally Surfaced Full Back Side PAL

Varilux Physio vs. Digitally Surfaced Dual Surface PAL

Varilux Comfort vs. Personalized Digitally Surfaced PAL

Varilux Physio vs. Individualized Digitally Surfaced PAL